High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Katja wears her sexy black pumps in this clip. But not all the time! She uses her sexy shoes to trample her slave who's actually lying on the ground with his hands bound together. She walks all over his chest and tramples his face and head. Then she removes her shoes to experience his suffering under her bare soles...

Katja has just wrapped on guy into plastic foil. He had the task to do her homework and as he decided to protest and not to do them for her, she punished him. Now he is lying there unable to move and totally delivered to her. She smiles and begins to torture him by walking all over his body with her sexy black leather boots...

Mistress Chanel tramples her slave in her garden. She wears sexy black high heels and dark pantyhose as she walks all over his chest and stomach. Then she takes an ice cream and eats it while she stands on the middle of his body. She drops it, crushes it with her shoes and rubs the crushed ice all over her slaves face to suck it off.

This sexy Mistress is called Lady Eden. She loves to trample her slaves outside in the public where everybody could see her. This time she abuses her ex boyfriend as living door mat. She tramples him with her sexy wooden heels, walks over his face and makes him suffer. Later she takes off her shoes and tramples him bare foot.

Mistress Melissa tramples her slave who is lying on the ground. She wears a pair of deadly high heel plateau boots as she walks over him. The kicks him and tramples his face. Then she takes off her boots to trample him with her sexy bare feet and she visibly enjoys to hurt him that way.

Mistress Katja's slave is delivered to her. His hands are bound together and she abuses him. She tramples him with her high heel pumps and hurts him. Then she takes off her shoes to trample him with her pantyhose feet. She rubs them over his face, makes him inhale her foot sweat and enjoys her supremacy.

Lady Chanel tramples her slave with her sexy black boots. He is lying on the ground as she walks over him with them. She violently hurts him and enjoys his pain and suffers under her cruel heels. He struggles and tries to free himself but it's not possible for him to escape...

This is actually my living doormat Fred. He is very well trained and he always follows me everywhere, which is very useful, not to say handy. Whenever the ground seems to be muddy my expensive leather boots need to be protected and he can do his little thing. He lies on the ground and I simply walk all over him. My boyfriend is also okay with that. Every girl should have a personal doormat I think.

Mistress Jane tramples her slave in this clip. He is lying on the ground as she begins to trample him with her sexy ankle boots. Then she takes them off to continue trampling him with her sexy bare feet. She walks over him, slaps his face with her soft soles and enjoys her power over him.

UK Mistress Brooke tramples a guy under her sexy white high heel boots. He lies on his back next to the fireplace and she tramples his whole chest and stomach. The sharp heels dig deep into his soft flesh and his mistress has a lot of fun torturing him.

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