High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Katja has always good ideas to torture and punish her slaves. This time she has handcuffed one of them on the pool ladder outside in her garden. She steps on his hands with her sexy high heel shoes and she even sits on his face with her sexy jeans ass. He cannot resist her and has to take the punishment.

Mistress Katja forced on of her slaves on the ground in her punish room. As he lays there, down to her feet, she steps on him with her sharp heeled pumps. She lets him lick and suck her heels clean, then she walks all over his body. Later she takes off her shoes to step on his face with her bare feet. She also performs some full weight face standing on him and he is not able to escape.

Lady Sarah has one of her slaves bound up lying on the ground. She wears an extra sexy short leather skirt and high heeled boots as she tramples and tortures her poor victim. Later she gets out of those shoes to stomp him with her pretty bare feet. She also stands on his face with both feet and full weight. Her slave cannot do anything to become free, so she continues to trample and torture him.

Mistress Katja transforms a slave into her personal living carpet, outside in the garden. First she steps on him with her sexy pumps as he is lying on the ground. Then he has to take her full weight while he is on his hands and knees. After that mistress Katja decides to reward her loyal servant. She picks up some berries to crush them with her sexy bare feet. Then she allows her slave to eat the smashed fruits directly from her feet.

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