High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

This guy had the sort of answers that lady Zora was seeking. She asked him for the answers but he did not give them to her. She was not going to let him get away with not giving her what she wanted so she used her high heels to trample him and by the time she was done with him, he was in the pain of his life but more importantly, he gave her the answers and even regretted why he did not do it earlier.

These mistresses wanted a hardworking slave and he was not. So he had to face their wrath. The mistresses felt that he needed to be tamed so they did what they had to do and trampled him painfully. He cried as the heels sunk into his skin. He was turned on while getting tortured as the mistresses showed off their hot asses and their big tits as well. But the pain outweighed the fascination and pleasure of seeing their asses.

This guy was too loud and he did not give lady Scarlet and her friend the peace and quiet that they so desperately needed in their house. So the mistresses came up with a plan to make sure he learned to change and to do the things that they wanted him to do. So the mistresses stormed his house where they used heels to trample his dick as well as make the guy shit himself as they punished him.

Mistress Jade is as cruel as they come. It is easy for her to find a way or a reason for her to torture or humiliate someone and this guy was her latest victim. The mistress trampled him with high heels and kicked with her bare feet. He cried but that did not help to get him out of the mess he was in with the mistress. That came later on when he had lost all hope.

Mistress Nica was not happy that this guy forgot her name. She was more pissed than usual and she wondered why but she could not help it. Mistress Nica use her high heels to trample him and she facesat on him when she was done trampling him. He was in pain and humiliation but she was having the time of her life as she learned that she did not care whether he remembered her name or not.

Lady Sandy does not like proud people and this guy was one. She did not want to deal with him but he could not stop trying to get her attention. The mistress used her high heels to trample him and make him realize that she did not like his pride. He was forced to swallow humble pie and he changed as he did not want to experience any more humiliation.

Lady Scarlet and her friends mistress Geo and mistress Cleo had an issue with this crooked executive. They did not want to meet his demands and instead they taught him a lesson he should have been taught a long time ago. The mistresses chose to trample him with their high heels. One trampled his dick, one his fingers and the other one was on his chest. He stopped being crooked.

When mistress Alexis felt like trampling this guy, she knew he would not agree unless she tricked him. So she used her hot ass to do so. She teased him and gave him the impression that she wanted to have a little fun with him when in fact all she was doing was using him. She trampled him and had fun at his expense and when she had had enough, she sent him away.

Goddess Louise was not in the mood to mess around with anyone and so she used her high heels to dominate and back break this slave. He had been taking advantage of her forgiving nature to mess up and this time she was not going to forgive him. He expected forgiveness but he was served with high heel trampling on his bare back and the pain was off the charts.

Mistress Natasha and her debtor were not in good terms as he was always lying to her and taking her for a ride. She had to find a way to dominate him and make sure he stopped those things and that is why she chose to trample him with her high heels. He cried as the pain got to him and he knew he would never had to play with her again.

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