High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Zora loves to make money. Today she saw a punishment gig that paid and she went for it. She was asked to torture this guy for money and she did not waste time. She trampled his hands using her high heel boots. She also made him lick the soles of her boots before she let him go. The mistress had a great time and she did more than she was asked to do.

This mistress was tired of warning this girl not to mess with her and she had to do something about it. She chose to cruelly dominate and humiliate her. She threw the girl down and she used her high heels to trample her back and her head. She ignored the girl's screams of pain and continued torturing him without any care in the world. And by the end of it, she knew it had worked and the girl would not mess with her again.

Madame Marissa had not trampled anyone in a while and she missed it. She had to find a way to do it again and she chose to do it to this loser. He was new in her neighborhood and he seemed to have a crush on him. She took advantage of that and she pretended to be having fun with him and testing his pain threshold. She had fun trampling on him.

These mistresses had hired this guy to make drinks for them at their party. He had told them he was a world class mixologist but he turned out not to be. The mistresses were angry as they had paid him. Instead of demanding for their money back, they resorted to trample and humiliate him for fun so they sat on him and they trampled him for fun using their high heels.

Lady Milana felt that kicking this guy in the balls would quicken getting answers from him. He was the only one she knew who could help her with her problem but he was not cooperating. She was pissed about it and to make sure he learned his lesson, she used her high heels to kick him in the nuts and to trample him. He was naked as she did this.

This mistress had lost her items due to the negligence of this loser. She was so mad that she could not talk straight. She used her high heels to trample him after she had stripped him naked. She ballbusted him and she did all sorts of crazy things to him includng gagging him with her foot. She tortured him in an effort to communicate to him that she would not allow him to be negligent again.

Goddess Chanel likes people who keep their promises. She hates disappointment and that is what this guy did to her. He did not keep his end of the bargain and she was not going to let him go scot-free. She' used her high heels to dominate him. She trampled his dick using her heels and he experienced excruciating pain like he had never experienced before. It was a learning moment for him.

Mistress Daniela promised this guy that she would ride him the way he wanted but only if he endured what she wanted to do to him. He had always wanted to nail her and the temptation was too much for him. He agreed and she used her high heels to trample him. He had never endured anything the way he endured the pain he felt. But it paid off as he nailed her good.

Princess Serena bought plastic cups not to use them, but to have fun with them. She had no one to trample so she had fun trampling the plastic cups with her high heels. She had fun doing it and she enjoyed herself a lot. The mistress had not expected much from trampling plastic cups and that is why he was surprised at how much fun it was when she did it.

Mistress Anaastasie did not like how her boyfriend loved to go to strip clubs. She felt that for her to stop him from going there, she had to bring the strip club to the house. So she set up a pole in the house and she used it to entertain him. But the first time, she mixed fun with punishment without him knowing. She was naked and she danced to him before she trampled him with her high heels and then with her bare feet. He had never' been that turned on in his life.

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