High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Maeva tramples her slaves in the dark forest as it gets increasingly dark outside. Those guys are laying on the ground and the mistress steps on them with her sexy black high heeled sandals. She makes them kiss and worship her sexy shoes and be a comfortable carpet for her.

Mistress Jill Diamond and her best friend the Dark Mistress are having a nice little trampling party. They have one slave laying on the ground and being their living carpet boy as they walk all over him in turn. Jill wears a pair of plateau boots and the Dark Mistress uses her army sandals to torture the slave...

Dark Mistress and Buffy want to try on different high heels and boots but their stupid butler didn't clean the red carpet yet - so he'll be their carpet. They trample and stomp his body under the sharp heels of the shoes and boots and even stand on his groin and face with their full weight. In the end they kick his balls so hard he runs out of the room - crying!

Mistress Maeva's slave lays on the ground as she makes him hand over his wallet to her. Its payday she says and takes out all the bank notes to put them into her own pocket. After that she laughs at him and tells him that she will reward him and instantly she puts her shoe on his mouth...

Those three mistresses have a nice evening. They are drinking champagne, talking to each other and enjoy having a real great time. All the time they are celebrating, one slave lays on the ground next to their sexy feet. They all make him become a living carpet and walk over him. They even stay on his chest at the same time so he must carry three women who are also wearing high heels, boots, and sandals.

Mistress Lydie walks outside in a rocky environment as she notices that her sexy sandals have become quite dirty. She makes her slave kneel to her and next he is made to lick her shoes and feet clean. After he did a good job, she makes him to lay on the ground flat to trample him with her full body weight.

Mistress Bianca tramples her slave for the first time. She walks all over him with her full body weight as she wears her sexy high heeled sandals. The slave is made to lay there and forbidden to move any centimeter. Bianca visibly enjoys having him under her feet. Later she takes off her sexy shoes and uses her bare feet to trample him!

Mistress Buffy wears her sexy black shiny boots in this one. She steps on her slaves chest and begins to slowly walk up and down at him. He is forced to carry her full weight. She laughs at him and increases the pressure until her heels are boring right into his belly flash and his cries out in pain! That's what she wanted...

A group of sexy young woman couldn't believe that someone really would be pathetic enough to offer his body as personal doormat and footrest to them. They all agreed instantly as they have been asked to test it on their own. Now they keep standing on his body, flattening him with their full weight - three girls at the same time. And they really enjoy having him under their sexy bare feet and shoes.

The lifestyle Diva Maria has her slave laying on the ground with just a slip vested. She tramples him very cruel with her high heeled boots and their long sharp heel. He hast to carry her whole body weight as she uses him as personal carpet and he is not allowed to move any little centimeter, even as she goes forward and stands on his head and face with her full weight.

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