High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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When madame Marissa's boyfriend broke up with her, he expected her to cry and to beg her not to do it. But she reacted in a totally different manner. She threw him down with strength he did not know she had and then she used her high heels to trample him. She made it painful and he cried in pain but she was not moved by his pain or his tears.

Mistress Gaia and her sister were coming from a party when they realized that someone had broken into their home. They used their martial arts skills to sneak into the house and trap him. They caught him and beat the shit out of him. They used their high heels to trample him from head to toe and he was in the pain of a lifetime and regretted what he had done.

These mistresses wanted to make a guy feel pain but endure it without complaining. The mistresses pondered over how to make that happen and they agreed that it could be done by trampling this guy using their high heels. Since they were hot and naked, he was torn between the pain he was feeling and the marvelous sight on top of him. He endured it as the mistresses had predicted.

Goddess Allie did not want to know what her slave had done. All she cared about was that he had done the things she asked him to do and done them in her way. When she discovered he had done things in a different way, she was angry and she invited her friend who had always wanted to try loser trampling to come and give it a try on the slave. They had a great time trampling him with their high heels. He could do nothing because he knew the fault was his.

Princess Serena bought plastic cups not to use them, but to have fun with them. She had no one to trample so she had fun trampling the plastic cups with her high heels. She had fun doing it and she enjoyed herself a lot. The mistress had not expected much from trampling plastic cups and that is why he was surprised at how much fun it was when she did it.

These three mistresses had gathered intelligence and they knew it was these two guys who had committed the crime. The mistresses had worked on the case for a long time and when they finally caught the guys, they had to humiliate them first. They did this by making them cry. They made them cry using their high heel trampling fetish. When they were done, they took them to the authorities for prosecution.

Lady Steffi was fed up with how her tenant took her round in circles. She did not care about giving him notice to vacate. She wanted him to give her notice. She did this by torturing him using her high heel boots. She trampled him all over his body and she told him she did not want to see him in her house. From the pain he felt, he did not even bother to give notice. He just went away.

Lady Vivian was not happy to lose a lucrative contract because of the incompetence of this loser. He had to make it up to her by getting an equally lucrative contract. She took him to the woods with her friend and the two mistresses tortured him as they crushed his hands using their high heels. They also made him lick their saliva. He got the message they wanted to send to him.

When it comes to high heel trampling, these mistresses are at their comfort zone. They love to use heels to dig deep into the skin of anyone they want to punish or torture. It does not matter whether they are doing it for fun or as a punishment. They enjoy it all the same and they do not do anything else other than using heels for fun and for punishment.

Madame Marissa was not happy that her slave had touched her inappropriately. She could tell what he was trying. He wanted to make it look like an accident and see what her reaction would be. Then she would do it again and again till she finally let him touch and fondle her. To make sure he never thought of things like that again, she used her high heels to trample him.

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