High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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Lady Kimah wanted this guy to learn to do things the right way and since he was not, the mistress was not going to let him get away with it. That is why she opted to use her heels to dominate and teach the guy a lesson. It was easy for her to do it as she knew how effective it was and it did not take much for her to do it.

Mistress Layla is laid back but she is not the kind of girl who lets people walk all over her. This guy misread her and he thought that he could do whatever he wanted with her. That is why he demanded anal from her but he realized he had blundered big time as she punished him for his entitlement. He was trampled with her high heels all over his naked body until he lost his entitlement.

Mistress Cristianali did not like how proud and condescending this guy was. He thought he was God's gift to mankind from the way he walked, talked and addressed others. She told him it did not cost him anything to be kind but he sneered at her. She got pissed and she trampled him with her high heels to make him learn that he was not the centre of the universe.

Lady BlueIce found it hard to relate to this junior staff and it pissed her off that he did not like to be told anything and whenever he did anything, it was with an attitude. She did not want to report him as he would get fired but she did not want to let him continue with that habit and that attitude. Today she snapped and she used her high heels to trample him as punishment.

This loser was too adamant for mistress Martina. He was wrong but he did not even stop to ask himself whether he was wrong or right. That is why she chose to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress made sure that he was in pain as she crushed his body with her high heels. And she did it on his bare stomach to make it even more painful.

Mistress Gilda and this guy had an adversarial relationship and she had to dominate him today to make sure he felt all the pain she could make him do. That was in the form of her high heel trampling. But he was not the only one to feel that as the mistress did so to his friend who tried to intervene on his behalf. He regretted what he had done.

Goddess Harley had beef with this guy because he acted like an imbecile and it pissed her off. She wanted to deal with him in a way he had never been dealt with before and so she used high heels to trample him. She made it a very painful thing for him since he was naked. And as he cried, she knew that her punishment of him was working as intended.

Lady Lisa loves to dominate and that is what she was up to today. She went out of her way to dominate as well as humiliate this guy and she did it by torturing him with her high heels and later with her bare feet. She made sure he was naked before she trampled him so that he would feel all the pain she wanted him to feel. And he had no choice but to endure it.

Lady Phoenix and her friend mistress Delvia Sovrani wanted to dominate this guy for being a pain in the ass. And so the mistresses felt that they needed to torture and dominate him so that he stopped being a pain in their butt. And they took turns to trample him and to make it even more painful, they did it using their high heels. He cried but his tears did not help him.

Goddess Nika is someone who wants things done right and done fast. But when she notice that this guy was slow, she had to make him learn to do things faster. And to do so, she used her high heels to trample him. She wanted him to learn from the pain he felt and in no time, he was in the pain of a lifetime but it helped him learn the need to do things quicker.

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