High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Christina had warned her slave not to piss her off but he did not listen. He did the very thing he had been warned about. The mistress had no choice but to teach him a lesson. She did this using her high heels. She crushed his head as well as his face to make sure he learned his lesson the painful way. He could not blame anyone except himself as he had been warned.

Mistress Christina loves to trample. She does it all the time and today she chose to teach her friend how to do it. They were wearing high heels and they used them to trample and torture this loser. He had stolen from them and so he deserved all he was getting. Mistress Christina had fun showing her friend how to do it and she was happy at how quickly her friend learned.

Mistress Christina does not like dishonest people. This old guy tried to con her but she could see right through his con. She played him by playing along and then taking him to her house where she was going to give him the cash she had in the house. But instead of the cash, she turned on him and she used her high heels to trample him. She trampled his fingers to make it more painful.

Mistress Christina used her high heels to make this old guy realize she was not one to mess with. She crushed his balls and she had fun watching him struggle to contain the pain she had caused. He cried but his pleas and his tears did not move her at all and she ignored them. She was sending a message and she made sure he got the message loud and clear.

Mistress Christina used her high heels to teach this loser a lesson she was sure he would not forget in a long time. He was behind the poor performance of the company which she had left for him to run. She was not going to sit down and watch what she had built painstakingly over the years go up in smoke out of incompetence. She crushed his balls with her heels and made him turn around the business.

These mistresses had not seen each other in a while and they were excited about spending time together. But the guy they had hired to provide entertainment services disappointed them and they had to teach him a lesson. They trampled him with their high heels and they did it together at the same time. It was punishment for them and at the same time they had more fun than they would have otherwise had.

Mistress Christina had an urgent task for this loser to do but he refused to do it the way she wanted. She did not have time to convince or argue with him so she used her high heel trampling fetish to get him to do what she wanted. She crushed his neck and she trampled his balls after she had stripped him naked. As the pain got more intense, he agreed to her wishes.

When this mistress wanted her money back, this guy took her round in circles yet she knew he had the money. She was not going to sit back and let him play with her. So she invited her friend to help her deal with him. The mistresses used their high heels to trample him and by the time they were done with him, he gave them the money plus interest.

When this mistress was told who was behind her woes, she had to settle her scores. She went to the bitch's house and she dominated him cruelly. She used her high heels to crush her neck and to crush her tits. She had tied her in order to avoid any resistance so she had a free hand to do whatever she felt like. The pain was excruciating but she deserved it.

Madame Marissa trusted this guy to do the work she was paying him to do as he had told her and he had marketed himself as an expert. She told him what she wanted and she left him to do the work. But she was horrified when she learned that he had not done it that way. She used her high heels to trample him from head to toe and she made him redo the work to her liking.

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