High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted to test this guy's pain threshold. He had been bragging about how he was an alpha male and how he was strong and no one could mess with her. The mistresses tricked him into falling for their trap. They ridiculed his manhood and he wanted to prove them wrong. They trampled him using high heels and as the pain intensified, he realized he had fucked up.

This mistress found out that this guy was pretending to be someone he was not. She later learned he was a spy and she was pissed. She did not let him know that she knew. She called her friends and the mistresses had a great time torturing him. The mistresses trampled him using their high heels and they made him cry like he had never cried before. He told them everything he knew.

Lady Y knows how to degrade and how to torture more than most mistresses. She is one of those mistresses who punish according to the crime committed. She has to analyze it and then come up with an appropriate response. She chose to trample and humiliate this loser using her high heels after finding out what he had done. She crushed his chest and his balls till he cried like a baby.

Lady Stefanie has a fetish for trampling and today she went did it brutally when she trampled this guy's tongue. She did not like the lies he told and since she had warned him before and he did not stop, she felt she had no choice but to do something. She did something crazy that made him stop lying. And that was to crush his tongue with her heels, which she did.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted to send a message to these losers that messing with them was a grave mistake. They caged the other slaves and took out one of them who had made the most mistakes. The mistresses tortured him by trampling him using high heels. He was trampled all over his body as the others watched and were made to learn from what happened to their friend.

This guy wanted to impress these ladies with his knowledge and his money. But the mistresses were not impressed and they ignored him. His pride was wounded and he tried to go overboard in a bid to impress them. But the mistresses were not impressed although they made a plan to punish him. They pretended to be into him and they took him home where they trampled him with high heels all over his body.

This mistress wanted to test this guy's crush on her. She told him that if he endured her high heel trampling, he had a shot at fucking her. The guy was so infatuated with her that he agreed. He braved the pain and endure all she threw at him including ballbusting. She was impressed and when he got his chance to fuck her, he took it with both hands and had the best fuck of his life and blew her away.

When you mess with these mistresses, you better be prepared for what they are willing to do to you. The mistresses did not take it kindly when this guy tried to sabotage them. The mistresses hunted him down and they trampled him cruelly. The mistresses jumped on him and they crushed his head and his balls till he cried and begged them to forgive her. They let him go because they were convinced he had learned his lesson.

This mistress laughed when she heard what this guy had planned for her. He thought she was afraid of her but in the real sense, she was not. She humiliated him for it and she used her high heels to trample him and send him a cruel message. She crushed his crotch and she made him scream and cry like a baby. She let him go but she was sure he had learned his lesson.

This mistress enjoys trampling guys for fun. She wanted to recruit her friends to trampling fetish so that they could enjoy it together. She managed to convince them theoretically. So she planned a physical demonstration and the mistresses had a great time trampling three losers using their high heels as well as their sneakers. The mistresses loved it and that it how they came to be addicted to trampling fetish.

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