High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Madame Marissa trusted this guy to do the work she was paying him to do as he had told her and he had marketed himself as an expert. She told him what she wanted and she left him to do the work. But she was horrified when she learned that he had not done it that way. She used her high heels to trample him from head to toe and she made him redo the work to her liking.

Mistress Mira had asked this guy to lend her money but he refused. She then found him a few hours later blowing money like there was no tomorrow. She was pissed at how he did not want to help her yet she had helped him before. The next day she went to his house and she cruelly trampled his neck and the rest of his body using her high heels.

When this mistress came home and she found that her girl slave had not done any of the things she had asked her to do, she was pissed and she could not hide her disappointment. She dominated and tortured the girl by trampling her with her high heels. She crushed her titties and the rest of her body using her heels. She did not care how the girl felt. She wanted results.

Mistress BlackSun enjoys trampling guys for fun. She lied to this guy that she was interested in him but she only messes with guys who have a high pain threshold. The guy rushed to prove it to her. He thought she was a girl and she could not inflict a lot of pain to her. But he was shocked when she trampled and dominated him using her high heels. He cried and did not get to fuck her like she had told him he would if he braved the pain.

Mistress Christina does not forgive easily. This guy pissed her off and as punishment, she made him lick her high heels and when he was done, she trampled him using the same heels. She trampled his naked body and she did not care what he felt. She was sending a message that she was not one to mess with and the guy got the message loud and clear. He never pissed her off again.

When these mistresses graduated, they hunted down their professor and they dominated him cruelly. The mistresses chose to trample him as he was a bad professor and he had made their lives a living hell. They were now revenging what he had put them through over the years and they used heir high heels and sneakers to trample him. They only let him go when he peed his pants. He never did it again.

This mistress felt that she did not get what she deserved from her boyfriend. He was not doing things the way she wanted and she was not happy or satisfied. She had tried to tell him but he did not change. She chose to try one more method before she surrendered. She cruelly trampled him using her high heels and she made him scream like a little girl. This time he got the message and he implemented it.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted to test this guy's pain threshold. He had been bragging about how he was an alpha male and how he was strong and no one could mess with her. The mistresses tricked him into falling for their trap. They ridiculed his manhood and he wanted to prove them wrong. They trampled him using high heels and as the pain intensified, he realized he had fucked up.

This mistress found out that this guy was pretending to be someone he was not. She later learned he was a spy and she was pissed. She did not let him know that she knew. She called her friends and the mistresses had a great time torturing him. The mistresses trampled him using their high heels and they made him cry like he had never cried before. He told them everything he knew.

Lady Y knows how to degrade and how to torture more than most mistresses. She is one of those mistresses who punish according to the crime committed. She has to analyze it and then come up with an appropriate response. She chose to trample and humiliate this loser using her high heels after finding out what he had done. She crushed his chest and his balls till he cried like a baby.

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