High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Adora was pissed at this guy because he had lied to her. She tried to ask him not to lie to her again but he insisted that he was not lying. So the mistress asked her friends to join her and help her to get the truth out of the liar and he was trampled with high heels until he learned his lesson and he told them the truth.

When mistress N set out to give this guy the gift of a lifetime, she knew that she had to do it in a way he had never experienced. So she trampled him with her high heels and with her bare feet while wearing lingerie. When she was done scaring the shit out of him, she then rode his dick in a way he had never experienced before and he had the best time ever despite having had one of the worst ones minutes earlier.

Mistress Luisa loves to show and to teach people how to dominate as well as humiliate. And today, the mistress showed her friends how to trample using high heels. She demonstrated to them which parts of the body were better to trample and where to get the most when intending to trample and punish someone. And she then let them do it as she watched with satisfaction as they did what she asked.

These mistresses were as naked as the guy they were trampling was. It was to bait him to be turned on by what they did to him. The guy wished that they would fuck him and have an awesome threesome with him but it did not happen. Instead, he was forced to eat feel a lot of pain as they trampled him with their high heels. It was even more painful as they did it on his naked body.

Goddess Maria, goddess Larissa and goddess Amanda had to punish this guy because he had cooked their books of account instead of doing the right thing. The mistresses tricked him to believe that they were giving him another job but instead of it, they trampled and crushed him cruelly to make sure he paid for his crimes and that he learned never to do that again. He even had to refund what they paid him.

When this mistress noticed that her son was talking back at her, she was so annoyed at him and she had to punish him so that he learned never to do that again. The mistress used her high heels and by the time she was done trampling him, he had seen a side of her he had never seen before and it scared the shit out of him. He never talked back at her again.

Mistress Yokai did not like how this guy behaved even if he was a client. She did not care about his business if it meant that he would disrespect others. That is why she chose to trample him with her high heels so that he would learn never to do that again. And after what she did to him, he never did it as he knew what would happen to him.

This loser was too adamant for mistress Martina. He was wrong but he did not even stop to ask himself whether he was wrong or right. That is why she chose to punish him and she did it cruelly. The mistress made sure that he was in pain as she crushed his body with her high heels. And she did it on his bare stomach to make it even more painful.

This mistress loves to do extreme things. That is why she went out of her way today to dominate and humiliate this guy. The mistress felt that all she had to do was to make the guy wish he had never lied to her. She used her high heels to trample him and as he cried and begged for mercy, she laughed at him and ignored his pleas for mercy.

This mistress does not like to micromanage people. She gives them their freedom and space to do what they are supposed to do and when they do not do it, they are punished. The mistress used her high heels to trample the guy after he failed in his duties and yet she had given him everything he required and that he had asked for. He promised to do better as she punished him.

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