High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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Mistress Julia loves to trample and she did it today with her friend's help. She used her high heels and her friend used hers to trample this guy all over his body. The guy cried but his tears and his cries were not enough to make them forgive him or let him go. He was told that it was time to pay for what he had done and he endured it all.

Lady BlueIce knew that something was cooking against her but this guy had the info she wanted. So she asked him but he refused to tell her what she wanted to know. That did not sit right with her and she told him as much. He did not tell her what she wanted to know so she forced the info out of him by trampling him with her red high heels.

This mistress had asked this guy to make a statement but he made false ones. He did it knowingly and that was not ok with the mistress. That is why she had to punish him and she did not hesitate to do so. The mistress cruelly used her high heels to trample the hell out of him. He cried and wished he had not made the false statements but it was too late.

Mistress Luisa loves to show and to teach people how to dominate as well as humiliate. And today, the mistress showed her friends how to trample using high heels. She demonstrated to them which parts of the body were better to trample and where to get the most when intending to trample and punish someone. And she then let them do it as she watched with satisfaction as they did what she asked.

This mistress does not like to micromanage people. She gives them their freedom and space to do what they are supposed to do and when they do not do it, they are punished. The mistress used her high heels to trample the guy after he failed in his duties and yet she had given him everything he required and that he had asked for. He promised to do better as she punished him.

Mistress Tiahan wanted some info from this guy but he kept dillydallying and not giving it to her. She was pressed for time and could not continue waiting for him to give it so she kicked him, tripped him and when he fell, she undressed him and choked him with her high heels besides trampling the shit out of him with the same high heels from his head to his toes.

This loser did not have any value to these mistresses and they chose to try high heel trampling on them. They had always wanted to try it out and they did so today when they undressed him and used their heels to trample him from head to toe. Not even his cries of pain were enough to make the mistresses let him go. They continued their torture and humiliation using heels.

Mistress Melinda felt that she had to trample this guy in a way he had never been trampled before so that he learned never to piss her off or mess with her. The mistress used her high heel trampling fetish to torture as well as degrade this guy. And she started with his hands as well as his face before she worked her way down his body. He never messed with her again.

This guy thought that mistress Iside was not capable of punishing him so he dared her to do it. She shocked him by going ahead to do the very thing he thought she could not do. She used high heels to trample him and inflict the kind of pain he had up until then only heard about. It was indeed extremely painful but he could only blame himself for what happened.

Goddess Andova felt used by her boyfriend and she felt that it was important to punish him so that he learned never to mess with her again. So she lied to him that she wanted them to fuck but in essence, what she wanted was to punish him which she did with her high heels. He was in pain and he wanted to know why. When he learned why, he tried to beg for mercy but she did not forgive him.

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