High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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Lady Kimah wanted this guy to learn to do things the right way and since he was not, the mistress was not going to let him get away with it. That is why she opted to use her heels to dominate and teach the guy a lesson. It was easy for her to do it as she knew how effective it was and it did not take much for her to do it.

Mistress Julia loves to trample and she did it today with her friend's help. She used her high heels and her friend used hers to trample this guy all over his body. The guy cried but his tears and his cries were not enough to make them forgive him or let him go. He was told that it was time to pay for what he had done and he endured it all.

Lady BlueIce found it hard to relate to this junior staff and it pissed her off that he did not like to be told anything and whenever he did anything, it was with an attitude. She did not want to report him as he would get fired but she did not want to let him continue with that habit and that attitude. Today she snapped and she used her high heels to trample him as punishment.

This loser did not have any value to these mistresses and they chose to try high heel trampling on them. They had always wanted to try it out and they did so today when they undressed him and used their heels to trample him from head to toe. Not even his cries of pain were enough to make the mistresses let him go. They continued their torture and humiliation using heels.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to trample this guy and she went ahead to do it with her high heels. It was both cruel and humiliating and she made sure that she pulled it off as best as she could. He cried and begged her to stop but the mistress ignored him and she went on doing her thing as well as she was able to do and she laughed at him as he cried.

Lady Lisa loves to dominate and that is what she was up to today. She went out of her way to dominate as well as humiliate this guy and she did it by torturing him with her high heels and later with her bare feet. She made sure he was naked before she trampled him so that he would feel all the pain she wanted him to feel. And he had no choice but to endure it.

Mistress Iside did not want to be the only one who knew how to trample with high heels. So she taught her friend how to do it so that they would do it and enjoy it together and so that she could also teach someone and it would spread that way. So she came with a loser who she trampled and also gave her friend a chance to trample as well.

Mistress Maria and her friend goddess Alice wanted to torture this guy because he was a bully. The mistresses came up with a plan to punish him and it was well executed. It involved trampling him with high heels and they executed it well and made the guy cry and beg them to forgive him. And more importantly, he agreed to stop bullying and that was when they stopped trampling him.

This guy had the sort of answers that lady Zora was seeking. She asked him for the answers but he did not give them to her. She was not going to let him get away with not giving her what she wanted so she used her high heels to trample him and by the time she was done with him, he was in the pain of his life but more importantly, he gave her the answers and even regretted why he did not do it earlier.

Madame Marissa crushed a toy with her high heels as her slave watched and then she told him that he would suffer the same fate if he messed with her again. She wanted that to be a deterrent and it was as the slave did not want to experience that sort of pain and punishment so he became obedient and always did what she asked him to do. They never had any issues after that.

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