High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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Mistress Christina loves to trample. She does it all the time and today she chose to teach her friend how to do it. They were wearing high heels and they used them to trample and torture this loser. He had stolen from them and so he deserved all he was getting. Mistress Christina had fun showing her friend how to do it and she was happy at how quickly her friend learned.

Mistress Christina used her high heels to make this old guy realize she was not one to mess with. She crushed his balls and she had fun watching him struggle to contain the pain she had caused. He cried but his pleas and his tears did not move her at all and she ignored them. She was sending a message and she made sure he got the message loud and clear.

When this mistress wanted her money back, this guy took her round in circles yet she knew he had the money. She was not going to sit back and let him play with her. So she invited her friend to help her deal with him. The mistresses used their high heels to trample him and by the time they were done with him, he gave them the money plus interest.

Madame Marissa trusted this guy to do the work she was paying him to do as he had told her and he had marketed himself as an expert. She told him what she wanted and she left him to do the work. But she was horrified when she learned that he had not done it that way. She used her high heels to trample him from head to toe and she made him redo the work to her liking.

When this mistress came home and she found that her girl slave had not done any of the things she had asked her to do, she was pissed and she could not hide her disappointment. She dominated and tortured the girl by trampling her with her high heels. She crushed her titties and the rest of her body using her heels. She did not care how the girl felt. She wanted results.

When these mistresses graduated, they hunted down their professor and they dominated him cruelly. The mistresses chose to trample him as he was a bad professor and he had made their lives a living hell. They were now revenging what he had put them through over the years and they used heir high heels and sneakers to trample him. They only let him go when he peed his pants. He never did it again.

This mistress wanted to test this guy's crush on her. She told him that if he endured her high heel trampling, he had a shot at fucking her. The guy was so infatuated with her that he agreed. He braved the pain and endure all she threw at him including ballbusting. She was impressed and when he got his chance to fuck her, he took it with both hands and had the best fuck of his life and blew her away.

When you mess with these mistresses, you better be prepared for what they are willing to do to you. The mistresses did not take it kindly when this guy tried to sabotage them. The mistresses hunted him down and they trampled him cruelly. The mistresses jumped on him and they crushed his head and his balls till he cried and begged them to forgive her. They let him go because they were convinced he had learned his lesson.

This mistress looks sexy and she prides in the fact that she is a sexy girl. She, however, likes to misuse her good looks and use them to have fun at the expense of to her people. She loves to make guys beg her for mercy as she terrorizes them. She used her high heels to trample this guy and she lied to him that she was testing him before she fucked him. He tried his best to endure the pain.

Mistress Natasha could not believe that she had sent her slave and he had refused to go. He did not even come up with an excuse. He bluntly told her no. And even went further to ask her to go herself. She knew he was testing her and wanted to see what she was capable of doing to him. She used it as a teachable moment for him. She crushed his balls and his body using her high heels to send a message. He never did that again.

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