High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Goddess Kiffa wanted to get a confession from this guy because she knew he was involved in whatever had happened. But the guy kept quiet as if she did not know what she was talking about. And that is what angered her even more and she used her high heels to trample him cruelly. And by the time she was done trampling him with high heels, he had given the confession.

Mistress Elizabeth knows how effective high heel trampling is and that is why she did not hesitate to use it to torture this guy. The mistress used her high heels to trample him from head to toe and in not time, she had managed to make him cry and beg her for mercy. He wished he had never pissed her off but it was too late for him and he could not do anything about it.

Mistress Melinda felt that she had to trample this guy in a way he had never been trampled before so that he learned never to piss her off or mess with her. The mistress used her high heel trampling fetish to torture as well as degrade this guy. And she started with his hands as well as his face before she worked her way down his body. He never messed with her again.

Mistress Aurora does not like people who do not know how to keep time. And when she realized that this guy was one of them, she knew that she had to find a way to dominate him as well as punish him. That is why the mistress went out of her way to trample him with her high heels. She did it while the guy was naked for it to be more painful.

This guy thought that mistress Iside was not capable of punishing him so he dared her to do it. She shocked him by going ahead to do the very thing he thought she could not do. She used high heels to trample him and inflict the kind of pain he had up until then only heard about. It was indeed extremely painful but he could only blame himself for what happened.

Goddess Harley had beef with this guy because he acted like an imbecile and it pissed her off. She wanted to deal with him in a way he had never been dealt with before and so she used high heels to trample him. She made it a very painful thing for him since he was naked. And as he cried, she knew that her punishment of him was working as intended.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to trample this guy and she went ahead to do it with her high heels. It was both cruel and humiliating and she made sure that she pulled it off as best as she could. He cried and begged her to stop but the mistress ignored him and she went on doing her thing as well as she was able to do and she laughed at him as he cried.

Lady Lisa loves to dominate and that is what she was up to today. She went out of her way to dominate as well as humiliate this guy and she did it by torturing him with her high heels and later with her bare feet. She made sure he was naked before she trampled him so that he would feel all the pain she wanted him to feel. And he had no choice but to endure it.

Goddess Andova felt used by her boyfriend and she felt that it was important to punish him so that he learned never to mess with her again. So she lied to him that she wanted them to fuck but in essence, what she wanted was to punish him which she did with her high heels. He was in pain and he wanted to know why. When he learned why, he tried to beg for mercy but she did not forgive him.

Lady Phoenix and her friend mistress Delvia Sovrani wanted to dominate this guy for being a pain in the ass. And so the mistresses felt that they needed to torture and dominate him so that he stopped being a pain in their butt. And they took turns to trample him and to make it even more painful, they did it using their high heels. He cried but his tears did not help him.

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