High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

When these mistresses noticed that this guy was staring at them, they asked him to follow them. He did excitedly and he hoped that he would have fun with them. But the mistresses had other ideas. The mistresses wanted to use him for their fun and that is what they did. The mistresses jumped on him with their high heels and they lied to him that it was foreplay they were having.

This guy tried to rob from this mistress and he ended up regretting it. She was not the kind of person he was used to robbing. The mistress used her yellow high heels to trample him. He was humiliated and she laughed at him as he cried. The mistress also had him lick her bare feet and her soles before she let him go. She did not warn him but she knew he would never do it again.

Goddess Chanel is a trampling enthusiast. She wanted to show off her skills to her friend and because they had time to burn, the two of them spent a good time doing it. Goddess Chanel brought a loser and she made him cry as they laughed at him. She used her high heels and made fun of him as they trampled him. By the end of it, her friend knew how to dominate and trample.

These two mistresses have been good friends since they were little girls. They always hang out together and when this guy saw this, he wanted to create a wedge between them and then use that chance to fuck both of them. The two mistresses found out his intentions to create enmity between them and they could not tolerate it. They used high heel trampling to deal with him cruelly and painfully.

Mistress Anaastasie doubted her new boyfriend's manliness. She liked him but she felt he could be a little bit more masculine and stronger than he was. So she used her high heel trampling to find out whether he was a sissy or a strong guy. She found out he had a low pain threshold as he cried like a bitch when she trampled him a little bit. She laughed at him and came up with a plan to toughen him up.

Mistress Jane and queen Hanna had a score to settle with this guy and they settled it with this loser by forcing him to endure the pain of their high heel trampling. He was in a lot of pain but the mistresses did not care. They had to be done with him today and they made sure of it. He tried his best to beg for his mercy but they turned a deaf ear to him.

Princess Serena did not like how this guy was comfortable wanking in public. That was perverted behavior and the mistress did not like it. She did not want to report him to the authorities and she did not want to let him go scot-free. She had to do something so she dragged his ass to her house nearby where she used her high heels to trample his hands and warn him against doing so again.

Mistress Kitty wanted to get a confession from this guy because she knew he was the one who had committed the crime. She did not want to waste valuable time and effort to try and pin it to him. She knew he had done it and all she wanted from him was how he had done it. She used her high heels to trample his hands and fingers and in no time, he confessed.

When madame Marissa's boyfriend broke up with her, he expected her to cry and to beg her not to do it. But she reacted in a totally different manner. She threw him down with strength he did not know she had and then she used her high heels to trample him. She made it painful and he cried in pain but she was not moved by his pain or his tears.

Goddess Allie was angered by her husband for sexting another woman. She had seen his phone and she was pissed. She tricked him that they were having foreplay and she used her high heels to trample him. She did it to send a message that if he messed with other women, he would have her to deal with and it would not be pretty. He was scared and he never did it again.

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