High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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Mistress Jade is as cruel as they come. It is easy for her to find a way or a reason for her to torture or humiliate someone and this guy was her latest victim. The mistress trampled him with high heels and kicked with her bare feet. He cried but that did not help to get him out of the mess he was in with the mistress. That came later on when he had lost all hope.

Mistress Gaia was angered by this guy and she had to show him the kind of person she was. She did not want him to think that she was scared of him and that she would let him mess with her however he wanted. So the mistress cruelly stripped him naked and she trampled his nuts using her high heels. Her friend was around and she watched as mistress Gaia taught the guy a painful lesson.

This mistress likes to take people at their word. And she did that to this girl. She trusted that the girl would keep her word as well as keep her end of the bargain. But she was pissed to learn that the loser did not meet her end of the bargain. She could not stand it and she punished the loser painfully by trampling her using her high heel shoes.

This does not trample or punish slaves at home. That is because she can get visitors who will distract her from the task at hand. She also knows that her slave can also scream or make a lot of noise and alert the neighbors. That is why she likes to do it in the woods where she knows that no one will go to his rescue even if he screams.

Madame Marissa and her boyfriend are competitive people. They like to compete in all kinds of things and today they competed in playing video games. She won hands down and she had to punish him. The mistress chose to trample his hands using her high heels. It was fun seeing him in pain as he had not lost recently and she had to bear the brunt of his punishes when he won.

Madame Marissa does not like lazy slaves. And this one was the laziest she has ever had. She knew it would be challenging to change him but she was up to the task. She set out to do what she had never done to any other slave before. The mistress asked the slave to place his hands on the ground and she ran them over using her car. She trampled the fingers using her tires and she told him that it was just a beginning. If he did not lose his laziness, he would only have himself to blame.

This mistress enjoys trampling guys for fun. She wanted to recruit her friends to trampling fetish so that they could enjoy it together. She managed to convince them theoretically. So she planned a physical demonstration and the mistresses had a great time trampling three losers using their high heels as well as their sneakers. The mistresses loved it and that it how they came to be addicted to trampling fetish.

Mistress Teodora and her friend Misty wanted to show this loser how much he had pissed them. He had to be taught a lesson and the mistresses made sure it was painful as it could be. They used their high heels to crush his upper body which was naked. He cried and begged them to let him go but the mistresses did not listen to him. They just went on torturing him.

Mistress Asera did not like what this guy had done to her sister. He had cheated on her and broken her heart and her sister was inconsolable. She knew she had to do something about it and she did. She humiliated the loser by trampling his balls and the rest of his body to make him feel the pain that her sister was feeling and ignored his pleas for mercy.

Princess Serena was shocked to learn that her slave kept secrets from her. She did not want to have a slave who kept secrets so she punished him because he knew very well she hated someone who kept secrets. She had not punished him in a while so it was very painful for him. She crushed his hands and fingers using her high heels and it was brutally painful for the slave.

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