High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

Mistress Lady Swetlana stands on her slave's hands with full weight while she wears her strappy sandals. She loves to make him suffer and cry and enjoys his wimpy acts as she spins her sharp and dangerous heels right into his flesh. His fingers are already red and she smiles while she continues torturing him like that...

Mistress Kitty is having a nice walk outside in the park. The ground is dirty and muddy and what else would be better to use to get clean shoes again than a slaves tongue? Right - nothing. So she makes her slave lay on the ground and steps on his body with her full weight. She rubs her dirty soles all over his body and makes him kiss and worship her dirty soles...

The sexy black girl Debby has bound her slaves hands together. Now she can make him suffer right as she wanted. First she tramples his chest and body by using her plateau heels. After she is bored of his cries and screams, she takes her shoes off to make him worship her naked and bare sexy feet...

Dark Mistress and her slave are in a hotel room. First he is made to lick and worship her black leather boots. After he is done, she tramples him as reward. She steps on his body, walks all over him and even busts his balls several times very hard. Later she jumps from the bed right on his chest...

Mistress Chanel is trampling her slave who is laying on the floor. He wears a mask so that the mistress doesn't has to see his face. She walks all over him with her sexy high heeled pumps. She also wear one of those sexy nice latex leggings. She tramples her carpet boy with the entire weight of her body and is really amused.

Mistress Jaqueline wears sexy strappy sandals. Her well pedicured toes are looking very nice and Swarovski crystals are flashing on the strip of her shoes. She tramples the hand of her slave who is laying on the ground next to her. She has a lot of fun to step on his fingers, over and over again.

Princess Lacey looks down on you as she lifts her sexy pumps over your face and begins to crush it. She stomps on it, over and over again and seems to have a lot of fun using or rather abusing you as her very own and personal doormat. She busts your face and makes you lick the bottoms of her soles clean.

Mistress empress Tales is wearing her favorite black pumps in this clip. Her slave boy - or rather carpet boy is already laying on the ground and waits for his trampling lesson. She looks down at him and immediately starts to trample him with her full weight. She walks over his chest, belly and even tramples his face. Later she stands on his head with both of her shoes and her full weight...

The slave is called during the lunch break. As he arrives his mistress Alisee is already waiting for him in the office. First he is made to lick the leather of her boots clean while she sits on her chair, drinks coffe and reads a magazine. After that she tramples him with her full weight and those evil sharp heels.

Lifestylediva Maria's slave lay on the ground and waits for his ultimate trampling punishment. She wears black high heeled leather boots and walks all over her slave. She also stands on his head with her full weight. He takes it all, even as she pushes her heel against his nipple.

Dark Mistress and Lady Britney are having a lot of fun torturing their little submissive slave. First the ladies are making a little walk outside a park. After their shoes have become quite dirty and muddy, the slave is told to lick all the dirt away by using his tongue. As they arrive back home the slave has to serve them both while they are sitting in the kitchen...

Mistress Crush passion walks over her slave who is laying on the ground. First she steps on him with her sexy high heeled boots, then she makes him worship her heels. After that she removes her boots to trample her victim barefoot. He keeps laying on the ground like a good little carpet boy.

Mistress Katja has her slave bound up lying on the ground. Now she can punish him in every way she wants. First she tramples this poor guy with her sexy heel sandals – she steps on his chest and face, to torture him. Then as she has become warm, she puts off her sexy shoes to punish him with her bare feet. He is not able to resist her even as she stands on his face with both of her bare feet and full weight!

The Sadosisters Layla and Jane are sitting on the sofa while having one of their new slave applicants lying on the ground in front of them. They make him clean the soles and heels of their sexy shoes. Then they trample him both at the same time with their bare feet! One of them also puts some sweaty socks in his mouth to humiliate him much more. But he has to perform very well to get the honor of becoming one of their slaves.

Mistress Xenia handcuffed one of her slaves and put him on the sofa to punish and torture him for her own pleasure and amusement. She tramples and walks all over him using her really sexy black ankle boots. Later she takes them off to trample her new living carpet with her socked feet. She is really enjoying her dominance and power while her slave has to carry her full weight on his body.

The Sadosisters Layla and Jane have overwhelmed a new victim to enjoy their own sadistic dominance. They forced him into the shower room where they torture and punish him. See them both trampling this pathetic guy with their sexy high heels. They even use some kind of a chair to fix him to the ground. Later they both get out of their heels to trample and humiliate this slave with their bare feet. They really enjoy their power and keep laughing all the time.

Layla and Jane are back with another poor weakling to torture, humiliate and punish. They put handcuffs on his wrists, and make him lay on his chest directly on the ground as one of them tramples him with her pumps and the other one is slapping him with a long white crop. They proceed in turns to trample and torture this poor guy. The living carpet is not able to escape or to resist so he has to take the punishment.

Gorgeous mistress Tanja forces her slave on the ground and makes him become her personal carpet. First she tramples him with her sexy high heel sandals on, and then she slips out to punish him with her pretty bare feet. There is no escape for her poor weakling, he has to suffer her full weight on his body.

Gorgeous mature mistress Nikky wears some very sexy leather trousers as she tramples one of her slaves. She steps on him full weight with her high heel boots, and makes him suffer for her amusement. Later she gets out of her boots to trample her victim with bare feet. Since she has worn her shoes all day long her feet are a bit sweaty – but her slave has to take this extra humiliation as a matter of course.

The Sadosisters have one slave bound up very well lying on the ground next to their feet. They bound his hands and feet together on his back – which makes it impossible for him to escape or even just to move! They kick and slap him as he is lying there helplessly. Both are really enjoying to torture and punish this delivered bound up weakling.

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