High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

These two foot femdoms love humiliating their shoe slave as they trample him in their black platform heels stomping all over his body in their dirty shoes causing as much pain as they can. These mistresses deliver one ballbusting blow after another as they face trample their slave while he worships their high heels giving him one extreme high heel trampling. These girls high heel trampling makes their slave a piece of human carpet.

Mistress Lea loves being an outdoor Femdom where she can openly humiliate her shoe slave. She loves trampling his body in the hopes that someone might see them. She also loves using her dirty boots as she gives him a ballbusting trampling, but her favorite is when she facestands on him and uses her high heel boots to choke him until she feels like letting him get a breath of fresh air.

Mistress Koralie loves giving a good trampling but it's what she does in her high heel boots that makes it exciting. She loves giving her slave a good boot trampling as she digs her the heel of her knee high boots anywhere she can, he favorite part is delivering the ball busting blows with a full forced kick. The cock trampling is another favorite of hers as she uses her boots to crush his cock while using her full weight.

Mistress Katja gets a new pair of black knee high boots and from the very beginning decides to use them to humiliate her shoe slave. She commands him to lie down and climbs onto his chest trampling him in her new high heel boots, she then facestands on him using her full weight. She then strips off her dirty boots and reveals her sweaty stinky feet and shoves them in her slaves face forcing him to smell her scent as he worships her bare feet while she tramples his face.

Mistress Katja loves wearing sexy heels, but she loves humiliating her shoe slaves more. She takes her slave out to the pool and handcuffs him to the stair railing to the pool and begins to punish him. She gives him a hand trampling that he will never forget as she takes her high heels and brutally shoves the heel into his hands. When he turns his hands palms up she begins stomping on his hands with her sweaty feet.

Mistress Gail loves her high heels and can never use them too often on her foot slave. She love humiliating her slave by making him worship her dirty high heels and feet and then facestanding on him in her heels. This headstanding Femdom then takes her heels off and forces her slave to smell her dirty stinky feet while she is shoving them in his face and continues to trample his face.

Being a lazy worthless piece of dirt does you no good living with Mistress Penelope. When she come home and finds her slave lying on the couch instead of doing the laundry she punishes him severely. She tramples him mercilessly under her black high heels. Penelope spares no part of his body. His face, throat and even his balls are crushed under her weight. But that's not enough to cool her rage. She takes off her heels and kicks him in the belly really hard for some time.

Nurse Jill Diamond gives a special treatment to her pathetic slave. With her black high heel boots she steps on his body and digs the incredible thin metal heels deeply into his skin. No part of him is spared the torture. She eventually even steps on his face with her full body weight and tries to smother him with her heels. He must be in so much pain.

Mistress Kimbaley likes to practice some dance moves in her high heel sandals. She does this on of her slaves body. Stomping his chest and trampling his face her beautiful ankles are visible over the acrylic heels. The skin of her slaves turns an interesting red while she enjoys her moves. Her full body weight pushes the air out of his lungs until he is panting. But the view of his beautiful mistresses body moving fluidly over him watch in awe.

Mistress Katja has her slave handcuffed in front of the fireplace. With her brutal stiletto heels she trample his body. His bare upper body shoes the imprints of her efforts. She even walks over his face. Then she takes off her shoes for some bare foot trampling and digs her toes into his throat. But the loser begs for mercy and she just shoves her sweaty soles right over his mouth and nose.

Cruel Mistress Katarina has a really brutal session in mind for her half naked fat slave. First she tramples his body with her blue stiletto heels and digs her heels deep into his skin. She spares no body part and makes him cry out in pain. Next she starts a cruel cock trampling. His dick and ball are flattened under her full body weight and she stomps up and down over his privates until the skin is nearly raw from the torture.

Just another cozy day for Mistress Vivian. Her obedient slave is lying in front of the fireplace, she puts on her acrylic high heels and begins to trample on his belly. The slit in her beautiful ankle long dress reveals her perfectly shaped leg ever so often. She proceeds by putting one of her sexy heels over his mouth to smother hum and to silence his pain filled cries. While he struggles for breath she digs her stiletto heel even deeper into his body.

Mistress Chanel wears her sexy black spandex and her favorite white boots in this clip! Her slave is lying on the ground as she walks all over him with her full weight! She makes him carry her and enjoys his suffering under her feet. Then she takes off her boots to trample him with her stinky socks.

Mistress Katja is really pissed off! Her boyfriend has canceled their date. So she needs to quit her anger and what would be better than a nice trampling session? So she calls out for Franky her slave and begins to trample him very violently. First she tramples him with her sexy pumps and then she makes him carry her as she tortures him with her bare feet...

Mistress Kitty has received a pair of new high heels this day. She needs to test them on her victim right now. So she makes him lie down on the ground as she steps on his chest and begins to trample him. She walks all over him with her full weight, smothers him with her hands and violently pushes her sharp spiky heels right into his skin.

That's what those evil well known SadoSister's say. Their slave is lying on the ground as they both trample him with their sexy high heels. They even make him become their living doormat as they both trample him at the same time- Then they just take off their shoes to hurt him much more...

Mistress Mercedes is trampling her slave with her sexy black plateau boots in this clip. She kicks him, steps on his chest, violently kicks his bells and after that she takes off her shoes to trample her victim barefoot. She loves the torturing and her slaves grimaces when she tramples them and makes them suffer under her feet...

Mistress Katja wears her sexy black pumps in this clip. But not all the time! She uses her sexy shoes to trample her slave who's actually lying on the ground with his hands bound together. She walks all over his chest and tramples his face and head. Then she removes her shoes to experience his suffering under her bare soles...

Katja has just wrapped on guy into plastic foil. He had the task to do her homework and as he decided to protest and not to do them for her, she punished him. Now he is lying there unable to move and totally delivered to her. She smiles and begins to torture him by walking all over his body with her sexy black leather boots...

Mistress Chanel tramples her slave in her garden. She wears sexy black high heels and dark pantyhose as she walks all over his chest and stomach. Then she takes an ice cream and eats it while she stands on the middle of his body. She drops it, crushes it with her shoes and rubs the crushed ice all over her slaves face to suck it off.

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