High Heel Trampling

Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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Princess Serena had told this artist what she wanted him to do for her. But he did his own things and hid behind creativity by saying that the piece inspired him and that it spoke to him. She told him she did not mind it speaking to him but it did not speak to her. So she told him to give her a refund and buy his own art as it spoke to him. She trampled him to make him and whipped him to make him give her a refund.

This guy tried to mock these mistresses because he was an asshole, but he found himself in hot soup. The mistresses ganged up on him and they rolled him in a carpet and then trampled him with their high heels. He was humiliated and he was in pain but he had brought it all to himself. The mistresses told him as much and they dominated him to make sure he stopped being an asshole.

Princess Serena was feeling naughty so she teased this guy. She did not have a boyfriend but she did not have a shortage of men who could do anything a boyfriend can do for his girlfriend. She teased the guy and she turned him on. She then took advantage of him and trampled him for fun. She made it all look naughty and fun and the guy endured fun and humiliation from her.

This mistress was tired of warning this girl not to mess with her and she had to do something about it. She chose to cruelly dominate and humiliate her. She threw the girl down and she used her high heels to trample her back and her head. She ignored the girl's screams of pain and continued torturing him without any care in the world. And by the end of it, she knew it had worked and the girl would not mess with her again.

Madame Marissa had not trampled anyone in a while and she missed it. She had to find a way to do it again and she chose to do it to this loser. He was new in her neighborhood and he seemed to have a crush on him. She took advantage of that and she pretended to be having fun with him and testing his pain threshold. She had fun trampling on him.

Mistress Anaastasie did not like how her boyfriend loved to go to strip clubs. She felt that for her to stop him from going there, she had to bring the strip club to the house. So she set up a pole in the house and she used it to entertain him. But the first time, she mixed fun with punishment without him knowing. She was naked and she danced to him before she trampled him with her high heels and then with her bare feet. He had never' been that turned on in his life.

Madame Marissa does not like lazy slaves. And this one was the laziest she has ever had. She knew it would be challenging to change him but she was up to the task. She set out to do what she had never done to any other slave before. The mistress asked the slave to place his hands on the ground and she ran them over using her car. She trampled the fingers using her tires and she told him that it was just a beginning. If he did not lose his laziness, he would only have himself to blame.

Mistress Christina does not like dishonest people. This old guy tried to con her but she could see right through his con. She played him by playing along and then taking him to her house where she was going to give him the cash she had in the house. But instead of the cash, she turned on him and she used her high heels to trample him. She trampled his fingers to make it more painful.

This mistress found out that this guy was pretending to be someone he was not. She later learned he was a spy and she was pissed. She did not let him know that she knew. She called her friends and the mistresses had a great time torturing him. The mistresses trampled him using their high heels and they made him cry like he had never cried before. He told them everything he knew.

This mistress enjoys trampling guys for fun. She wanted to recruit her friends to trampling fetish so that they could enjoy it together. She managed to convince them theoretically. So she planned a physical demonstration and the mistresses had a great time trampling three losers using their high heels as well as their sneakers. The mistresses loved it and that it how they came to be addicted to trampling fetish.

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