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Brutal girls trample guys under their sharp high heels

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This mistress had a score to settle with this guy for outing her. She does not like snitches and she had to make sure that she punished him for it. She used her high heels to trample him and make him feel the kind of pain that she wanted him to feel. He begged for mercy but it was too late since he had already snitched. But the punishment taught him a lesson.

This guy made the mistake of flirting with pretty blonde Nicolina and perving out so she orders him on the floor to teach him a lesson. She makes him take his shirt off and lie down while she tramples him and stand on him with her high heel boots on. She digs the high heels into his fat stomach to show him that he was perving out on the wrong girl.

When July comes home from work, she is very happy. She has just received a promotion and she has to jump. She calls her slave to her and she walks all over hi in her boots. She tells him why she is so happy and takes her boots off. She starts to jump up and down on him, almost crushing his ribs. She puts her foot on his face and screams.

The snow is too high for Michelle to go for a walk so she calls her slave to her. She has on her winter boots and wants to walk in them. She puts him on the floor and happily walks all over him. she doesn't care that he is bare chested and in pain. She loves to walk. She takes off her boots and walks on him in her socks and bare feet too. She just wanted to walk.

Mistress Maeva is one for nature. She loves to hang outside and enjoy the air, but when she has an itch to be mean and cruel with her black boots, she knows just who to call. Her boot slave will show up and immediately assume the position she trained him to do. He will get crushed and walked on by her pretty black high heeled boots.

Miss Lori and her lovely friend love to dance, but this time their hot dancing skills are going to be at the expense of a slave. Both ladies are dressed in hot sexy form fitting dresses that show off their true body shape are going to put their high heel boots on and stomp on the slave. He will get trampled by both hot ladies dancing.

Princess Pumagirly is excited to break in her new boots as she stands next to the wall and shows off how elegant her new buffalo boots are. She shows how sharp the heel on these boots are and she is excited to ram it into her slaves cock so that he can suffer and feel real pain from these extreme boots. She plans to make him cry and scream as she tramples him.

Maybe this manly slave will obey from now on! Hot stunning, blonde haired, Mistress Lydie takes her slave out for a stroll. After coming to a stop, she makes him lay down on the hard rocks, where he will be humiliated! She forces him to lick her boots, kiss her boots, then she tramples all over him until he gasps for air! His face turns red welling up in pain after she stands on him!

This naughty Mistress dressed up all in black has a thing or two for her naughty slave boy! Maybe he will learn a lesson this time! Hopefully not! Or else we wouldn't get the pleasure of watching him be humiliated on camera! Either way this bitchy Mistress has some things to teach her slave! Watch her trample on his chest leaving heel marks, and red welts, all over his bare chest!

All this man wants is to have his hands trampled on by a hot women while he is visiting the city on business. Surprisingly he finds a business woman who is willing to sit on the chair in his hotel room while he lay on the floor butt naked. Her high heel boots crushes his hand. He winces in pain but the sexy lady in her dress heels keeps stomping on the slave.

This blonde barbie loves to play dress up in all of her sexy lingerie and heels. Thing is she loves to tease her slaves with a little erotic dancing before she makes them entranced enough to trample all over their chest with her high heels and boots on. By then her slave cannot complain, they signed up for it. It's not too bad since her tight ass is barely covered in whatever she decides to have on.

This slave has wondered into the wrong slave room. Just because he wanted blond twins was the wrong way to go. Now he has to be subject to a beat down and then worship the shoes that are worn by the twins. Not to mention the fact that he is humiliated by the tears after being whipped by the blond beautiful twins, after he was caught looking up their short miniskirts.

Beautiful trash talking Sadosisters are trampling on a worthless shoe slave for kicks. Literally this slave was bound with leather straps, and then gagged for silence to avoid hearing his petty cries. He now realizes that wearing a blue shirt to a leather party was the worst thing he could have ever done. He was better off not wearing a shirt at all. Now he has to endure the full weight of the sisters black high heel boots.

Watch how this slave learns to never challenge his Foot Femdom. As she shows him these black boots are made for walking and that's just what she'll do. Take her high heel boots and walk all over you. You pleading will lead to bare feet trampling after your tears dirty her boots. Never relax with Mistress Katja. She will bring her extreme trampling with her bare feet stepping all over you.

Sporting her sexy red steel heel boots, Mistress Maeva enjoy her time wandering in the woods with her slave. Stopping to take a brake while she sits her perfect ass on his cock, she will force him to lick the bottom of her heels. Standing she will begin to stomp on his face will she shows him just want naughty slaves are good for. Watch as she gets her whole hot body into the action.

Jessica takes no time in seducing her sex slave to the floor. As he lies down there, she climbs on top of him with her bare feet. She treats her slave as her own personal living doormat as she walks up and down his chest and stomach. She does some face trampling and makes her slave smell in her feet. Jessica slides on her black boots and continues with her full weight trampling.

Princess Pumagirly love the boots she just got and decides she wants to use them on her shoe slave, she climbs on him using her full weight to trample his body jumping and kicking him when he misbehaves. She then stands on his head humiliating him as he cringes in pain from her dirty shoes dinging into his head, this foot femdom has no care for her slaves cries of pain.

Mistress Lea loves being an outdoor Femdom where she can openly humiliate her shoe slave. She loves trampling his body in the hopes that someone might see them. She also loves using her dirty boots as she gives him a ballbusting trampling, but her favorite is when she facestands on him and uses her high heel boots to choke him until she feels like letting him get a breath of fresh air.

Mistress Koralie loves giving a good trampling but it's what she does in her high heel boots that makes it exciting. She loves giving her slave a good boot trampling as she digs her the heel of her knee high boots anywhere she can, he favorite part is delivering the ball busting blows with a full forced kick. The cock trampling is another favorite of hers as she uses her boots to crush his cock while using her full weight.

Mistress Katja gets a new pair of black knee high boots and from the very beginning decides to use them to humiliate her shoe slave. She commands him to lie down and climbs onto his chest trampling him in her new high heel boots, she then facestands on him using her full weight. She then strips off her dirty boots and reveals her sweaty stinky feet and shoves them in her slaves face forcing him to smell her scent as he worships her bare feet while she tramples his face.

Katja has just wrapped on guy into plastic foil. He had the task to do her homework and as he decided to protest and not to do them for her, she punished him. Now he is lying there unable to move and totally delivered to her. She smiles and begins to torture him by walking all over his body with her sexy black leather boots...

Lady Chanel tramples her slave with her sexy black boots. He is lying on the ground as she walks over him with them. She violently hurts him and enjoys his pain and suffers under her cruel heels. He struggles and tries to free himself but it's not possible for him to escape...

UK Mistress Brooke tramples a guy under her sexy white high heel boots. He lies on his back next to the fireplace and she tramples his whole chest and stomach. The sharp heels dig deep into his soft flesh and his mistress has a lot of fun torturing him.

Chanel ordered her slave to lie down next to a tree in her garden and starts to trample him wearing her black high heel boots - which are really dirty today. Not only his balls, chest and stomach are in pain - they're dirty after this trampling punishment too!

Mistress Lydie tramples a guy in the woods under her mud covered high heel boots. The dirt and mud from her shoes is all over his body soon as she tramples every body part. She even digs the sharp heels into his groin, his hands and his face - causing him extreme pain.

Dark Mistress and Buffy want to try on different high heels and boots but their stupid butler didn't clean the red carpet yet - so he'll be their carpet. They trample and stomp his body under the sharp heels of the shoes and boots and even stand on his groin and face with their full weight. In the end they kick his balls so hard he runs out of the room - crying!

Those three mistresses have a nice evening. They are drinking champagne, talking to each other and enjoy having a real great time. All the time they are celebrating, one slave lays on the ground next to their sexy feet. They all make him become a living carpet and walk over him. They even stay on his chest at the same time so he must carry three women who are also wearing high heels, boots, and sandals.

Mistress Buffy wears her sexy black shiny boots in this one. She steps on her slaves chest and begins to slowly walk up and down at him. He is forced to carry her full weight. She laughs at him and increases the pressure until her heels are boring right into his belly flash and his cries out in pain! That's what she wanted...

The lifestyle Diva Maria has her slave laying on the ground with just a slip vested. She tramples him very cruel with her high heeled boots and their long sharp heel. He hast to carry her whole body weight as she uses him as personal carpet and he is not allowed to move any little centimeter, even as she goes forward and stands on his head and face with her full weight.

Mistress Kitty is having a nice walk outside in the park. The ground is dirty and muddy and what else would be better to use to get clean shoes again than a slaves tongue? Right - nothing. So she makes her slave lay on the ground and steps on his body with her full weight. She rubs her dirty soles all over his body and makes him kiss and worship her dirty soles...

Dark Mistress and her slave are in a hotel room. First he is made to lick and worship her black leather boots. After he is done, she tramples him as reward. She steps on his body, walks all over him and even busts his balls several times very hard. Later she jumps from the bed right on his chest...

The slave is called during the lunch break. As he arrives his mistress Alisee is already waiting for him in the office. First he is made to lick the leather of her boots clean while she sits on her chair, drinks coffe and reads a magazine. After that she tramples him with her full weight and those evil sharp heels.

Lifestylediva Maria's slave lay on the ground and waits for his ultimate trampling punishment. She wears black high heeled leather boots and walks all over her slave. She also stands on his head with her full weight. He takes it all, even as she pushes her heel against his nipple.

Dark Mistress and Lady Britney are having a lot of fun torturing their little submissive slave. First the ladies are making a little walk outside a park. After their shoes have become quite dirty and muddy, the slave is told to lick all the dirt away by using his tongue. As they arrive back home the slave has to serve them both while they are sitting in the kitchen...

Mistress Crush passion walks over her slave who is laying on the ground. First she steps on him with her sexy high heeled boots, then she makes him worship her heels. After that she removes her boots to trample her victim barefoot. He keeps laying on the ground like a good little carpet boy.

Mistress Xenia handcuffed one of her slaves and put him on the sofa to punish and torture him for her own pleasure and amusement. She tramples and walks all over him using her really sexy black ankle boots. Later she takes them off to trample her new living carpet with her socked feet. She is really enjoying her dominance and power while her slave has to carry her full weight on his body.

Gorgeous mature mistress Nikky wears some very sexy leather trousers as she tramples one of her slaves. She steps on him full weight with her high heel boots, and makes him suffer for her amusement. Later she gets out of her boots to trample her victim with bare feet. Since she has worn her shoes all day long her feet are a bit sweaty – but her slave has to take this extra humiliation as a matter of course.

Lady Sarah has one of her slaves bound up lying on the ground. She wears an extra sexy short leather skirt and high heeled boots as she tramples and tortures her poor victim. Later she gets out of those shoes to stomp him with her pretty bare feet. She also stands on his face with both feet and full weight. Her slave cannot do anything to become free, so she continues to trample and torture him.

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